Compound – Crosshead

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.
Today I continue with the crosshead, not a major update but a very important part of the engine.

The crosshead is connected between the piston road and Connecting Rods and in a groove in the Crosshead Guides.

The crosshead is a very fine casting made of bronze.

I began with a setup on my mill, and square the part.

Here I have done all of the four side of the crosshead.

Then I move the crosshead to the lathe and make the connecter for the Piston Road.

After center drill, I have to drill a hole…

…and threading for the Piston Road.

So far I’ll get this.

Then some more turns on the lathe for that part that fits the groove in the Crosshead Guides and  then drilling/treading.

And now I can check so I know that it fits well.

Next drilling for the hole to the Connection Road…

…and then I have to mill the edges straight.

And after some filling and polish I’ll get this.

Mounted on the engine, the backside looks like this…

…and then the other side.

Even this miner update was little tricky because all dimension has to be correct and the angel must be straight, in other words I have to do some small adjustment but now I am pleased.   :)

I’ll be back.


About Benni Svensson

I am an happy retired man with many interest. I have been building models in my whole life, everything from aircraft to regal ship. I have build steam engine before, but now, I'll got plenty of time...
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