Compound – Columns

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.


Now it’s time for the columns, there are five and of mild steel. According to my Canadian friend Mr. John R. Bentley, it would be nice to make some small modifications comparing to Stuarts drawing. They want to have 2BA on both ends, but I am threading 2BA on one end and the other with 4BA because the nuts will be too big with 2BA.


With some turns in the lathe will give me the dimensions for threading 4BA.

After all columns were finish I drill and thread the nuts.

The nuts fit radar good…

.. and it don’t looks so bad either.

This was just a small update but..

I’ll be back.



About Benni Svensson

I am an happy retired man with many interest. I have been building models in my whole life, everything from aircraft to regal ship. I have build steam engine before, but now, I'll got plenty of time...
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