Little Kathy and me part 2

I am still working on the cylinder..

Drilling the center hole for the valve chamber..


.. and some turns on the lathe..

..some drilling for the exhaust steam.. up..


The very same for the steam inlet.

Prepare for the steam channels

Those channels should be drilling at 45 degree.



The cylinder head..

Drilling hole for the allen bolts.


And now my friends, this part is finish.

I’ll be back



About Benni Svensson

I am an happy retired man with many interest. I have been building models in my whole life, everything from aircraft to regal ship. I have build steam engine before, but now, I'll got plenty of time...
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3 Responses to Little Kathy and me part 2

  1. Evan says:

    I have never machined before and ordered a Little Kathy kit as my first attempt.
    Your photos and step by step is monumental in getting this done. I don’t think I
    could figure it out from the plans.
    Thanks. Keep it up….just keep doing more.

  2. Thanks for nice comments, remember take youre time and don’t rush

  3. Dave says:

    Awaiting for part #3 Dave Oulton

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