Little Kathy and me part 5

Now it’s time to take care of the crosshead. I have make an special rig for milling..

and it comes out radar good.

Drilling for the crankshaft..

and put together.


So far so good. Now coming so far, I can see some very ugly and wrong. It’s all that ugly allen bolt’s . They are in wrong size and don’t look as a full size engine should do. I will try to replace those allen bolts with something better.

I’ll be back.



About Benni Svensson

I am an happy retired man with many interest. I have been building models in my whole life, everything from aircraft to regal ship. I have build steam engine before, but now, I'll got plenty of time...
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One Response to Little Kathy and me part 5

  1. Unka says:

    Ser bra ut, men jag håller med dig ang bultarna.

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